Monday, January 9, 2012

Ten Months Old

Dear Archie,

This past month you have swallowed a button, taken your first steps, opened Christmas presents all by your self, and made us smile more times then we can count.

You are already so smart. You are great at getting us to do exactly what you want whether it's getting us to share our food or go outside. We almost never sign to you but you still remember to sign for milk when you're thirsty. You know what your books are and you love them. You will reach for them and say, "Bu, bu, bu..." and then open them and turn the pages when we read to you, point at the things you see and babble all about it.

You are ever more a trouble maker. You still get into everything. You will crawl at top speed around corners so we can't see you any more. You will not sit still for long at church. You are already getting picky about what you eat.

You are so independent. You are great at entertaining yourself with toys and books. We've even heard you say, "I do!" or "I do it!" a few times.

We love to watch you dance. When there is music on you will wiggle your bottom to it if you are standing. If you're sitting you will kick your feet and shake your head. It's seriously so cute.

Thanks for being the cutest thing to take pictures of and for all the laughs.


Mama and Papa

Archie is still the happiest baby ever.

He knelt for this photo with out any help posing.

He's great at not sitting still and sticking out his tongue.

He's gotten quite comfortable standing. He will take a few steps all by himself.

He got to go down the slide a few times after the photo shoot.

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  1. What a cute little munchkin! I hope he recovered from the button-swallowing incident!