Sunday, December 30, 2012

Caleb 3 Months

 Happy 3 months Caleb!

Although you can't tell from these photos he is still such a smiley guy. He's had a bit of a cold lately and I took these pics a little too late in the day for optimal smiles and light, sorry Caleb.

He is such an easy going baby. We've got a routine going and it makes life super easy for all of us. He now sleeps 10-12 hours most nights. It has been wonderful. 

He still doesn't seem too interested in toys but it's obvious that his love for books is growing. He smiles big when I show him the pictures when I am reading to Archie and he is next to us, he will fuss a bit if I forget. It only takes me reading to him to calm him during his evening grumps.

He is still a very chatty boy. He makes lots of different sounds and will carry on conversations with anyone who will talk with him.

 So this is one of your very first onsie's.  It's 0-3 months and now you are wearing a 12 month shirt and 6-9 month pants.

Archie is always running around him and he is ever watchful of his big brother.

We took him to the doctor on his 3 month b-day (he had a cold and we wanted to make sure he didn't have an ear infection or anything else). He weighed in at 18lbs 11oz (fully clothed).

Sunday, December 23, 2012


So my beautiful sister graduated and I got to take some graduation pictures for her. I wasn't planning on making a GIF when I shot the photos but when I saw her hair blowing in the wind I decided I needed to learn how. So after watching an animation tutorial and doing some other research I figured it out. It is so easy to do. Isn't my sister gorgeous? I'll be putting up more photos on my facebook page soon so be sure to check them out and like the page too!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Here are this weeks photos to remember.
 Archie picked out Jacob's tie this morning. He doesn't wear this one every Sunday. 

 I got Caleb to smile just not to look at the camera. He is cooing at me here. 
 Someone had to have mouse in the photos. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Caleb 2 Months

I've said it now hundreds of times but I cannot believe how big this little boy is. He even has neck rolls in the back (see photo below). It's mostly good that he is so big. It's easy to see that he is growing well and I didn't have to worry as much when he couldn't eat during his hospital stay but my arms and back are killing me.

He coos often and will smile as he gazes into your eyes. Watch out though, if he does this to you it will completely steal your heart. He is such a lazy boy. It has always been difficult to get him to nurse thoroughly. He will only bear weight on his legs for a moment. So for now we think he will be bit slower to reach the physical milestones and a bit faster with the verbal ones.

We are still bottle feeding him most of the time (I pump). He drinks 7-10 ounces 5-6 times in 24hrs. The bottles will dribble a bit of milk and so we always tuck a burp cloth under his chin before feeding him to catch the dribbles. When he feels that burp cloth he either wiggles in excitement and smiles/giggles or completely stops fussing and roots around for the bottle.

He has been sleeping 7-8 hours most nights waking to eat (it usually only takes 20 minutes for him to be fed 9 ounces and changed twice) and then he goes back down for 3-4 hours. He has recently slept through the night from 8ish to 7ish. It was amazing. I get to rock him to sleep every nap and at night. Caleb and I love it. He also loves his swaddle sack and I am worried there will be trouble soon since he is so wide it almost won't Velcro and yes he's in the largest size.

He has discovered himself in the mirror and will coo and babble while staring at himself for an hour at a time without fussing. He still loves the fan and his mobile will fascinate him too. He loves to be read to; it cures his evening fussiness like magic.

He is such a happy baby.

His length is mostly in his torso. That shirt is labeled size 6-9 months and we almost couldn't button it up.

 He is such a big little thing!

 The neck rolls on the back of his neck.

 Note the Buddha belly hanging over his jeans.

We love this little guy like crazy. I is so fun to watch him grow.

2 month stats:
Weight: 15lbs 9oz... 98th percentile
Length: 24.25 inches... 96th percentile

 ...and of course we had to get a couple with big brother...

 Their faces say it all.

 Archie, kiss Caleb! *head butt*... close enough. Sorry Caleb.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Brotherly Love

Having two has been an adventure so far. It's been hard but I love it. I love these boys both so much. I hope their love for each other grows beyond what I can imagine. 

Archie loves to help with Caleb. He will put bottles in the sink, bring me burp cloths, and unfold the tabs on the diapers for me. He is happy if he is helping. He has gotten better about not crying when I put Caleb down for a nap. I can usually get them to nap at the same time which is awesome. 

I do wish he was gentler with his little brother, mostly it's unintentional but he definitely gets jealous, just ask the family that sat behind us in church last week. He put on a show. When I was holding Caleb, Archie slapped him on the face. I keep telling Archie to be nice to his brother because it looks like he will be bigger than him one day.

Caleb often smiles as his brother gets close to him but he often looks a little worried, with good reason. Archie kisses are often head buts.

It's difficult to see what their relationship will grow to be but I hope that it's filled with brotherly love and that not too many of the head buts and wrestlings end up with trips to the hospital.

Today, Caleb was crying and Archie brought him a burp cloth and it calmed him down right away. The other day I heard Caleb crying and Archie beat me to getting to him and when I walked into the room Caleb was quiet because Archie was holding his hand. These moments of love they show for each other are the sweetest thing.

I love to watch these boys grow. They are so different and somehow I love them so differently but not one more than the other.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Photos

So I had this idea a while back to take a quick photo of us together before church each Sunday. It's really great because we are already all dressed nicely and usually the boys' faces are a bit cleaner than usual. So today has been the second time that we have taken a picture (it's hard when traveling or sick). There wasn't a single good photo but they made me laugh when I first looked though them and they make me happy because I will be able to look back at our little family and see them grow. Here are the almost good ones:

I may like this top one the best... but as you can see just below Caleb is blinking not asleep.



So this last one really makes me laugh and it's not even close to being in the almost good category but I LOVE the way Caleb looks in it. He is so big! We weighed him this past Monday and he was 15lbs (at about 7 weeks). That is so crazy to me. He's got his 2 month check up this week and if he keeps up his current weight gain schedule he'll be around 16lbs. I'll be posting some pics of Caleb with the stats soon so we'll see.

 The big boys lounging before Mama and Baby were ready.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Caleb 1 Month

This post and the these pictures are a bit late since Caleb was in the hospital during his one month birthday. Oh well, there's always next month.
Caleb is such a sweet baby he hardly cried before his traumatic hospital stay. He is good at napping. He loves to eat. He loves to stare at the fan and he loves the artwork his aunt Emma drew for Archie. He gives some great smiles. He likes a binky and is better at a bottle than nursing so I pump a lot. Most nights he doesn't sleep longer than 4 hours at a time but he is good about going back to sleep after downing a bottle.

Caleb was 11.7 lbs and 22 inches long at one month.

It was a bit of a challenge with Archie as my helper for this photo shoot. Notice the blueberry face and messy house but hey I finally got these done!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Footbal Stars

We had a fairly quiet Halloween on our street this year. I took Archie to a few neighbor's and he loved it. He kept wanting to go back out for more candy.

Yep, that's a green football. After I had looked EVERYWHERE for a brown onsie, we lost it before he could ever wear it. 

Love this trick-or-treater!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Caleb Is Home Now And Better

This past week may have been my most difficult yet. It started out with 3 1/2 week old Caleb having a fever. I called the doctor and was told to take him straight to the ER. I am so grateful to my neighbors and family watching Archie. The ER waiting room was packed but they had us back in less than 10 minutes. He had a temperature of 102.9 and his oxygen was low. He was given oxygen and an IV. Doctors looked him over, tests were taken and 9 hours later we were finally admitted. A long first night in the hospital followed. Nurses kept a close eye on us and I did get a little sleep on a very lumpy bed. 
Jacob took the next day off from work and brought Archie for a visit. I was walking the halls with Archie in a wagon when I overheard the doctors talking, "...25 day old baby ..." and I thought- oh how incredibly sad that is such a young baby... then I realized they were talking about my baby and I almost cried.
Later, I went home for a nap and shower. I was awoken from my nap by my dad who was pounding on my bedroom window since I selfishly turned my phone off so I could sleep. Caleb was being transferred to El Paso where they have a picu and were able to put a tube down his throat to help with his gas. My dad said to go to the hospital immediately so I could ride in the ambulance with Caleb. Well, that didn't happen because I got sick and it took a good half hour to stop being sick so we wound up driving there later.
When we got to the hospital in El Paso, Caleb already had his tube in and they were taking x-rays of his belly (which we later learned was just full of gas that he couldn't process). I was so relieved to learn that the surgeons didn't think they would need to do surgery. With all the gas in his tummy the doctors didn't want him to eat for a while- that wound up being about 24 hours with out food. That made for a rough night. It was so hard not to feed him and not hold him (they didn't want me holding him too much with his fever) and listen to him cry. Caleb really bonded with the pacifier that night.
He did get to eat the next day and that was awesome. At this point enough tests results had come in that the doctors were fairly certain that he just had an infection that caused the fever and the difficulty breathing and his body not be able to process his gas. He had been on antibiotics for a couple of days and that helped him start to get back to normal. We gave him pedialyte before milk to see if he could keep it down. He did and then he drank quite a bit of milk like he usually does. The doctors weren't sure if he could handle so much milk at once so they put him on a restricted diet were he could only have 3 ounces at once. That was really hard too.
He wound up spending two nights in the picu and two more nights on the regular pediatric floor before we got to go home. His aunt Geneva works on the pediatric floor so that was really nice to have her there.

I'm so glad to be home. I really missed spending time with Archie. I'm glad that we can feed Caleb as much as he wants to eat now. I am so grateful to be able to sleep in my own bed and not be eating hospital food.

He is being so good during his ultrasound.

Archie wasn't allowed to visit Caleb so he played downstairs and had a pretty good time. I was happy to get out of the room for a bit and give Archie hugs.

Sleeping after getting to eat for the first time in 24 hours.
Caleb on his one month birthday.

Monday, October 15, 2012


 I could hold this sweet boy's hand all day.

 He has long skinny feet and toes.

 His ears have a little wrinkle on top. Jacob thinks Caleb gets it from me.

Fist Bump!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


pose, facial expression, lips, dark blue eyes, neck rolls
hair, ears, nose

I love them both so much!
Photos taken when they lost their chord. 
Top: Archie
Bottom: Caleb

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Welcome Caleb

 I seriously love this boy and all the faces he makes at me all day!

He is so long with just a little chub.

 I love all the hair and happy looks that are usually just gas.