Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Busy Saturday

We went to the renaissance fair yesterday morning.
Archie enjoyed watching the jousting and the dancing.

I went to photograph the NMSU Dance team there. Here are just a couple of favorites from the morning.

I loved the dragon that's in the lake. Do you see it hiding in the upper right hand corner of the above photo?

It was so cold that I made soup after the renaissance fair and my sister came over and ate lunch with us and brought us tickets to an amazing dinner and dance show.

Archie got to stay with a friend and we got to go dancing. It's been a while since Jacob or I have had dance lessons so any one who was unfortunate enough to watch us was probably appalled by or moves but we had a great time.

It was the El Paso Ballroom Dance Academy's 1st Annual Benefit Gala. So mostly it was a bunch of rich people there since tickets were about $100 each (Was I clear that we got ours free?). The benefit was raising funds for... do you want to stop and guess here? hungry children? dance programs in elementary schools? cancer? no. no. no. The correct answer: baseball. I was surprised.

The main attraction for the event was these two amazing world champion dancers. You can see them in action HERE. Just be aware that your mouth maybe hanging open in awe within seconds.

When we were on our way out of the benefit, we passed a little girl who exclaimed, "Look it's Cinderella!" to her father after seeing me in a light blue dress. It made my evening that much better.

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  1. The fair was so fun! I love the dragon too.
    It amazes me how dancers can move their bodies like that.