Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eight Months Old

Archie has survived another month despite his apparent preference for dangerous and/or dirty objects. We are most grateful that he is finally falling asleep on his own (no swaddle, no pacifier, no walking the halls), although sometimes he is faster at it then others.

He will run across the room/house if he's holding onto my fingers. He can stand on his own for a few seconds. It may be such a short time because he is so active. It's increasingly challenging to change his diaper and put on his pants. He loves to throw, then chase a ball around. We love it when he puts a toy or book in his mouth, keeps it there and then crawls around carrying it in his mouth. You may have seen a dog do this. He loves to chase a ribbon or scarf when I drag one in front of him. You may have seen a cat do this. We have no pets. He understands when I ask him to come to me or follow me.

He joins in our conversations by babbling and repeating sounds that we make. Weeks ago, I was explaining to him (in German, I try to only speak German to him) that I was reading a book (Buch) "Ich lese ein Buch. Das Buch ist rot. Das ist mein Buch." bzw, and he says, "Bu... Bu... Bu!" ("Bu" sounds like "boo"). He has more recently babbled the "ch" sound. Maybe he'll get them together soon.

He knows I am Mama or it's just coincidence that his cry often has "Mama" sounds in it, like "Maaama mumm mum mummmm". I think it's the cutest cry ever.

He is up to 4 teeth (see the newer top ones?) and a very swollen gum where one will soon break though. He bites. Watch your feet around him. New baby teeth are sharp, which is good for getting my attention... and eating. He is eating tons of baby mush and little bits of our grown up dinner. He enjoyed chewing on a chicken bone the other day. It kept him occupied for at least a half hour.

I'm trying to teach him to blow kisses but this is just him about to put his hand in his mouth.

His eyes are still mostly blue and his hair is red but it's getting darker.

He is looking at his Papa in the above photo. He loves him so!

He often listens to his toys or paper that he crinkles by his ear.

He is so happy, smart, cuddly, snotty, fantastic, poopy, big, exploratory and fun.

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