Thursday, October 13, 2011

Visiting My Grandma

Here are some more photos from our trip.

My grandma is amazing. She is so active. She goes swimming, works out at the gym and washes her laundry by hand- everyday. She misses her old house and the activities there but has to stay in an apartment in this retirement home because of her poor vision.

It is a beautiful place though.

I loved the decor, in the picture above you can see a cute rocking chair that Archie would have loved if we could have gotten to it. There were also tons of gorgeous paintings on the walls of all the hallways there.

We had a great time in their warm swimming pool that had a sun screen all around it. It was perfect for Archie!

Jacob and I also enjoyed a couple of games of pool.

They had a fall tree.

My grandma really is quite the little old lady! We had a great time visiting her.

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