Monday, September 12, 2011

Six Months Old

Happy Half Birthday to Archie!!! It's hard to believe that he's already a half a year old. We love how easy it is to make him smile. He is laughing more and more and it is the best sound ever.

He often wants to feed himself with the occasional bottle we give him and his baby food mush. In fact, the other day he threw a little fit until he had the spoon in his hand and the bowl of squash within reach. Of course his fine motor skills are still wanting and he wasn't great at getting much in his mouth without help.

With a combination of scooting and rolling he is much more mobile than last month and isn't content to just sit for too long. He may have eaten paper a few times by now because I underestimated how fast and far he could go! He thinks he can crawl but he tires quickly on all fours.

He still loves his toys, especially the musical ones that light up and anything new even if it's not really designed to be a baby toy. Ladles and whisks have been big hits.

He is definitely a mama's boy and I love that... most of the time.

And he's BIG!

At birth he was 8 lbs 15 oz, 19 inches.
At two months he was 12 lbs 14 oz, 23 inches.
At four months he was 17 lbs 7oz, 27.5 inches.
Now at six months he is 19lbs 2 oz, 30 inches.
That's the 75th percentile for weight and and you can see from the picture above, he is off the charts for for length. That top curved line is the 95th percentile for length which he was just over at his four month check up and he is way over now.

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  1. What a sweet little guy you have! He is such a big boy as well--my almost 8 month old is kind of on the smaller size. :) He looks like a really adorable boy!