Saturday, September 10, 2011

Railroad Museum

Today we went to the Las Cruces Railroad Museum. The museum is in the original Las Cruces train station. It's very small but there loads of fun old things to see and it is free admission (donations accepted).

See that top suitcase on the left? I have one just like it.

Archie enjoyed himself with all of the fun new things to look at.
There was even a toy train set to play with.
A dinosaur with the trains?
It's in a museum, so it's got to be true!
I better look up exactly how old trains are :)

Interesting how small Las Cruces is written here especially compared to Rincon. Things really change in a 100 years.
This mural is across the street.

They have a wooden caboose that they are hoping to restore.

If you've ever wondered where Archie learned how to make that face, now you know.

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