Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Five Months Old

We love our 5 month old Archie.

We love it when he laughs! Tickling him and/or reciting his beloved Heidenröslein poem will often get him giggling heartily.

He has the sitting thing down really well now. In fact, eating aside, sitting and playing with toys may be his favorite pastime. If a toy or book is too far away from him, he will lean himself into the crawling position to get it. He can only keep his bum off the ground for a few seconds but I may need to baby proof sooner than later.

He doesn't seem interested in rolling over too often.

The day before his 5 month birthday I was holding his hands so he could stand (we do this often) and he started taking steps (this was new). He walked across the room all the while holding my fingers.

He still loves his toes and will chew on them often. As previously, Archie is ever so interested in finding out what everything tastes like. He now puts things in his mouth with record speed. He even tasted his bath water one day. He used his whole face and wound up coughing up water, poor guy.

He loves his baby food and so do I since it means he is sleeping longer (I see more and more 8 hour stretches).

We often catch him sucking on his lower lip. Jacob then calls him, "Lip-less."

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