Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Sign

Last night Archie made his first sign! Knowing Archie, it should come as no surprise that it was "milk".

He just squeezes his fist 2x. You can see the sign in action HERE. When Archie was about 3 months old we used that website to learn a couple of signs ourselves and started showing them to baby. The little research that we did on baby signing recommends starting baby signs around 6 months. We decided it couldn't hurt to just try 2 important ones right away: milk and diaper.

Last night Archie was playing with his toys on the floor and Jacob noticed Archie signing. I looked down and Archie was starring at me and holding one arm with the other and making the sign for milk. He would squeeze his fist twice, look at me and then repeat. I had nursed him about a half hour ago so I didn't expect him to be hungry since he normally will go about an hour between feedings these days. It turns out he was hungry and was very happy to nurse.

Later on, I went to the Young Women activity at church and when I returned I heard from Jacob that Archie had been signing for milk when I was away. When I fed him, he just kept on making the sign for milk as he ate.

At four months, he is still very young to be signing so we don't expect him to do it all the time but we did look up a few more signs last night to start showing him.


  1. Of course it seems as if he thinks the sign also means 'mommy'

  2. That's super cool! I think I'll look up the website and give stuff a try too! Yay for a smart baby boy you have!!