Thursday, June 2, 2011

Liberry Strawbrary

Archie and I ventured out to the Las Cruces Library for some story time. A nice lady led us through some Mother Goose Rhymes and I helped Archie wiggle and clap.

As always, he enjoyed the new space around him that was filled with all sorts of new things to see. I'm not sure how much he cared for the new rhymes and movements and it felt a little weird speaking so much English too him. I try to speak German to him as much as possible.

My favorite part was right after when I got to talk to other moms and Archie got in a few drooling contests with new friends.

Archie, at just under 3 months, was the youngest baby there this week. He was not the smallest. We sat next to a darling baby girl that was about Archie's size. I soon learned that she's 6 months old. Archie doesn't hold any records for being a big baby, but I do love his chunky thighs, pudgy wrist and double chin.

After everyone had dispersed, we headed downstairs. I read Archie a few board books. He even looked at them occasionally as he sat in my lap. When I could tell he was done, we headed back for some snuggles at home.

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