Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Jacob is an awesome Dad.
He loves to spend time with Archie.
He plays with him.
He reads him books.
He takes him for walks when he gets crabby in the evening.
He gives him hugs and kisses.
He tells him that he loves him.
He tickles him (no one can get Archie to laugh like Papa can).
He is an awesome diaper changer.
(I didn't change a diaper 'till Archie was almost 2 weeks old).
He sings to him.
He loves to hold him.
He cuts his nails and sucks his boogers out
even though Archie hates these things.
He helps with baths.
He built him a mobile with family members faces on it.
He helps me cook dinner when I'm feeding Archie.
He gardens so we have yummy things to eat.
He is kind, gentle and goofy.
I'm probably forgetting a few dozen other reasons
why Jacob is such a great dad but this list will have to do.

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