Thursday, June 9, 2011


Jacob and Dez had a fun time bowling tonight!
Jacob won both games but
both Jacob and Dez got to feel the victory of a few strikes:)
Archie got some special time with his aunt Donica.

After bowling we went to a park and swung on the swings for a bit. It was still hot so we didn't stay long. When we got back home, Archie was pretty hungry because he wouldn't take the bottle. Recently, others have been unsuccessful in getting the little guy to eat from his bottle. They have blamed the bottle itself. Archie has taken the bottles before with out a problem so I thought I'd try to bottle feed him instead of nursing him to see how he would do. I sat down, cuddled him close, popped the bottle in and he started gulping right away. I gave Donica another try. She sat down with him in the same chair, cuddled him close just like I had done minutes before, gave him the bottle as she had just seen me do and Archie threw a fit. Jacob then gave it a try and eventually he was able to get him to eat a little. So it's not that the bottles are old or not to Archie's liking. He's just developed a strong preference to be feed by his Mutti.

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