Thursday, May 19, 2011

Game Night

I was recently called to be in the young women program (girls 12-18) at church. I was in charge of last night's activity. With the girls' final exams being this week, we decided to take it easy by just playing some games and eating some cookies and popcorn. The girls decided on playing Apples to Apples and then a round of Mexican Train.

The Apples to Apples game was fun and a fairly quick game since many of the girls and leaders, myself included, didn't score a single green apple card. In my defense, I really don't know the girls very well yet. My strategy in this game is to play to someone's personality and likes; knowing so little about the girls, I had the idea from the start that my lose was inevitable. I can be a little, okay REALLY competitive when it comes to board games so, in a way I saved that energy and hope of winning for Mexican Train. As I declared the game over due to one of the girls winning, there was a certain young lady who was almost in tears that she did not get even one green apple card. I tried to reassure her. I told her everything was okay and that several of us didn't.

As we started Mexican Train, I found it hard to believe that so many of the younger girls had trouble with the concept of lining up dots. It made me proud of my 10 yr old sister who has been playing this game like a pro for years. Close to the end of the game I could see my victory in view I had my train in, the last 2 dominoes all lined up and the girls ahead of me all had had to draw at least once. Then I noticed out loud that the a fore mentioned certain young lady had less dominoes than myself. This was completely impossible. She had either played out of turn or not picked up enough dominoes to start. After I had noticed this, I could tell that she had no idea that she had somehow misplayed. I remembered her disappointment at her failure of the last game. I put my own competitiveness aside and said to never mind. She won that game and her happiness at victory became my own. It was better than winning myself.

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