Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Back in February I decided to go on a diet.

At 232 lbs my BMI was over 30. The BMI is inaccurate - for different body shapes and athleticism. I looked at some other algorithms that took into account ankle and wrist size and activity level. They were all in agreement - unless I was a bodybuilder on steroids, the most I could healthily be was 205 lbs. Also, they seemed to indicate that waist size was a better rough measure of healthiness than weight. My waist was 39. Healthy for my height is 35 inches with 34 being better. (Apparently, if I was a swimmer I could expect to be at 33 inches. Who knew?)

 So my plan was to restrict calories to 2,200 a day with 2,400 for days that I lift weights. I could eat more on special occasions but short of being stuffed. The goal was to lose a pound and one fifth inch per week. If I was off the goal for that week I would fast the following Thursday (Restrict calories to 1,200 and dinner. No simple carbs allowed in this meal) I also planned a log of weekly measurements as well as a list of foods I often eat with their accompanying calories.

 To date I've lost 18 pounds and two and a half inches. I feel better and I can run three miles without getting shin splints. My running previously was limited to intervals (wind sprints) and elliptical. It's been kind of a roller coaster. I lost about seven pounds during the four day hospital stay. I subsisted mainly on pistachios, beef jerky and flamin hot cheetos as the hospital only served meals to patients and I only left twice. In retrospect, baby and mother probably would have been OK without me there continuously. : ) Since then, I've not met my goals on two or three occasions and have exceeded them twice. I didn't implement the fasting because I am will within my overall goal thanks to the hospital stay weight loss.

Counting calories is hard. I use caloriecount.about.com, and other sites. Some things were easy to find a calorie counts, others take a lot of looking around and calculations. I'm not too exact with my counts but stay fairly close. Some surprises were tortillas at 170 calories. Black bean burritos have 330 calories! Sometimes the hard part of this diet is figuring out how many calories the stuff I had already eaten was. I would want to eat something and think, 'I'll have to figure out how many calories I have left so I know how much I can eat. Ugh. Never mind, I think I'll just go off and do something else.' : ) Anyways, I've a little less than half of my diet to go so wish me health and perseverance.

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  1. Your hard work is paying off. You're looking good honey!