Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1st Date Post Archie

Oma was kind enough to watch baby this past weekend so we could get some real alone time for the first time since he's arrived. Our 2 year anniversary was last month but we were in no condition to go out so soon so we tried to make this date a little extra special.

For our date night we decided to go out to eat at The Mix. It was very tasty, we had pot-stickers, sushi and stir-fry. Although the stir-fry was good, when we go again we think we will just order more appetizers and more sushi. For being a small restaurant, they managed to have an elegant atmosphere. The service was excellent.

For dessert we headed a few doors down for a smoothie at Keva Juice. It's been a few years since either of us has been there so we were surprised to see the frozen yogurt machines. I stuck with a tasty Hawaiian smoothie, but we sampled the yogurt and it wasn't bad.

After dessert we crossed the street and took a leisurely walk on the NMSU campus. All in all the date was a good time and we even talked about other things than our little Archie!

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