Saturday, October 31, 2009

Snow and Watermelons

It snowed unexpectedly this week. I personally blame this on el nino. As we all know el nino is spanish for The NINO. Be afraid, be very afraid. It is supposed to be a cold winter for us here.

Anyways, this shut down the parts of the garden that were still producing. Watermelons, tomatoes, peppers all dead. The strawberry plants look like they are doing fine though.

So we harvested everything that we could. There were six watermelons on our vines of a mix of sizes and of the two varieties that we planted. One is an orange variety - sweeter but a little less flavorful.

So now I am wondering what to do with six watermelons?
Probably we will give some away, and cut the others up into little packages for lunch throughout the week. In any case it is a strange juxtaposition.

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