Friday, October 9, 2009

The Odd Couple

We watched The Odd Couple last night at Las Cruces Community Theater. We thought it fairly good.
The title refers to two guys struggling to come to grips with their recent divorces, one a neat freak and domestically inclined, the other a slob and a guys guy. A light delicious comedy.
They had constructed an impressively large set, creating the living room of an eight bedroom apartment. They also stimulated the smell of tobacco smoke on poker night. It smelled like they did it by lighting matches and wafting into the audience somehow. It was a nice touch but a little distracting, almost as distracting as the toilet (offstage) flushing very loudly.
Still, all in all a good story, and a good performance.
There was one funny part where one of the actors sits down on a chair and it breaks. He recovered pretty well and continued with the scene. The other actor, showing good presence of mind took the chair and moved it out of the way so it wouldn’t get in the way of a chase around the table later on.
I did notice some other spots, where I think, the flow of dialogue was interrupted. Keep in mind though this was the dress rehearsal. I think it is ready for performance but they were probably right to delay showing a week for further rehearsal.

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