Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I hope you like your car

I was stuck in the traffic blockage caused by the filming of Due Date for an hour yesterday at six. Avoid traveling on Highway 70 between Sonoma Ranch and Rinconada. The alternate route (the only alternate route!) of the frontage roads (Northrise Drive and N Main) is clogged. I know I won’t be driving there. I understand it will be closed these days: Oct. 10-14 630am – 630pm, Oct. 17-26 630pm-630am.

So if 25,000 people use that road each day and each person has to wait an average of a half hour then that is 12,500 Las Crucen hours wasted. If we were compensated minimum wage (not to mention gas burnt, wear and tear on the vehicle and breathing the exhaust from all those cars packed together) it would amount to $90,000 per day of filming. So for 15 days of filming; Las Crucens will lose approx. 187,500 hours. Fifteen Las Crucens received temporary jobs as extras. (The company was promising 250 during negotiations but once they had the O.K. – ha ha just kidding.)

It appears that Las Cruces government had no say in this. NM DOT approved it at the request of the New Mexico Film Office. One imagines that the NM executive is behind this. Closing Highway 70 during rush hour was a disastrous decision. Not only is that the only route from one part of town to another it also catches all the folks who work at WSMR. Thanks, NM DOT. I hope they can still reduce the number of days highway 70 is closed during rush hour.

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