Saturday, October 10, 2009

Downtown this morning

One can always spend a nice morning on saturdays downtown. Today we went downtown. We spent a little time at the farmers and crafts market. Fresh tomatoes, watermelons, pecans and of course chiles were available. Also a lot of homemade southwestern style decoratives and art work were there too. If you want to decorate a room in that style I recomend going there.

We went to Coas, the secondhand bookstore. It has a lot of books, cheap if you bring in books to trade. The layout of the bookstore supports browsing by topic/genre not so much locating a specific book. So if you are a book junkie like us you definitely should go sometime when you have a couple of hours free. Today we got Flowers for Algnernon, The Golden Transcendence, Fund with Dick and Jane (movie, old version) Brother Bear (movie - in german) and a program that is supposed to teach you german. It is supposed to run on windows 95/98 tho so that might not work - they said we could bring it back for full refund so no worries.

Then we went to Zeffiros, a neapolitano style pizzeria two blocks away. Neapolitano style means really thin crusts (thin enough to justify eating with a fork and knife). It was unsuprisingly crowded - probably it is less busy during the week. We had a large Mediterranean pizza - cheese, artichoke hearts and greek olives. Pretty good. Ours was a little burnt unfortunately - perhaps they weren't staffed for the size of the crowd and the cooking got away from them. We'll probably go again some time though.

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