Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chocolate Bliss

I love chocolate. The darker the better. I eat a square of dark chocolate most mornings. The kind that I am eating now is Lindts Supreme Dark (90% cocoa) recently I was at their website and I noticed that they had a chocolate bar that was 99% cocoa. I think that might be a bit too much for me, and finally I don't now if it makes sense to pay shipping and handling on a $3.50 bar to find out.
I usually get my supreme dark at, surprisingly, Wal-Mart. A better selection of Lindts is available at the International House of Delights - especially if you like fruit, chile in your chocolate. I am not a big fan of fruit and chocolate but it seems to be a common taste. If I want anything in my chocolate it is nuts. In fact I often eat a square of my Lindts supreme dark with a few walnuts, or almonds or occasionally hazelnuts.
Bite off a little chocolate and savor it as it melts on the tongue. Eat a nut. Repeat and enjoy.

The problem with Wal-Mart is that often they do not have Lindts in stock. The substitute I buy then is Ghiradellis. It tastes slightly waxy to me for some reason, but is still pretty good.

Note to the FTC: Lindts does not compensate me in any way for this or anything else. I have recieved no payments or free samples from them. If that does happily occur I shall so state in this post. Ditto for Ghiradellis.

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