Thursday, September 24, 2009

Feels Like Fall

I am going to call yesterday as being the first fall day of the year and not a summer day. Yes, yes I am aware that the first official day of fall is september 1. I guess I find the astronomical method (from the equinox, sep 22-23) closer to my experience.

The swamp cooler has not been running at our house. Windows have been shut. I use the heater a little on my drive to work early in the A.M. I feel a craving for fresh applesauce.

I feel it time for fall to come too. I am tired of having to water my garden and yard every day and am looking forward to fall waterings of maybe twice a week. That will be nice. Of course, it will be nicer when I have property in the irrigated region and my soil has *gasp* actual clay in it. Then I can water maybe once a week. I like my starter home, but I am looking forward to the 'real' home for a number of reasons.

Monday, September 21, 2009


The purpose of this blog is to cover things that are optional in life. Not about life per se but about things such as hobbies, diet, home design, landscaping. In other words the things that are clearly 'ours' that we fill our life with.

I want to share a quick anecdote. My roomate, when I was talking to him about WoW, told me that he spent pretty much all of his free time, after work and school playing. Realizing that that sounded bad, he added. What else am I going to fill all the hours with?

Here then; what we fill our hours with: