Sunday, August 13, 2017

Back To School Photos

I took these just before school starting and then offered minis.

 I love this simple set up and that the floor and base boards are just what came with our 150ish year old house.

In case anyone thinks all her photos are good and I just had to post that face! :) 

 trying out aunt Donica's pose

Flower Field

Our neighbors have a small field of bright, beautiful zinnias. They have been so kind to share their beautiful fields with us! Here are some photos of Lulu and Caleb (Archie did not want to join us) in their field.

Lulu And I Dance!

I had back to school photos in my dinning room yesterday and so it was cleaner than normal and the table was pushed to the side so there was an opportunity to dance with Lulu! We played something classical and had so much fun together. I'm counting on the fact that no one but me reads this blog because I really dislike these photos of myself but I want Lulu to see these someday whether or not she still loves dancing when she is older.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


When I found this strawberry romper and shoes I imagined my Lulu picking strawberries in a big field but I think Las Cruces is a little too hot for that. :( So we just dressed up and did photos in the yard. Lulu LOVES photo shoots!! And strawberries made this one even more fun.

 She kept saying the strawberries were yucky but she had fun and she does love them, maybe she just had some sour ones.

the strawberry sandals!


She is such a wiggle thin still. Painting her nails for this session was fun but stressful and imperfect.

 She had so many interesting expressions...

 She loves sitting on this fence, even when my camera isn't around.

 This is another one of her "yucky" moments so she went to feed this one to Whip Cream, our sheep.

 the sky was supper colorful last night
 Our remaining ducks, no drake feathers so we're hoping for eggs in a couple of weeks!