Sunday, August 9, 2015

Caballo Lake

For the longest time, Archie has been begging to go to the beach and even Caleb will chime in with, "beach! beach!! BEACH!!!". So with 3 littles we decided that Lake Caballo would be about as far as we're willing to venture. The boys had a blast with the mud, rocks and shells they found. Lulu tolerated things. And I got to test my new tilt shift lens!

I opened my new lens, read the instructions and tested it in the car on the way up.

 My new lens is manual focus and that is a huge challenge with moving subjects and needing new glasses. :) I still had fun.

I brought my 50mm out too, I didn't want all the details of out trip lost in the blur of the tilt shift.

After we played in the mud for a bit (I put my camera away) and then took a little walk away from the water. We were blessed with cool morning clouds. We then relocated and had a picnic of fried chicken, carrots and watermelon over looking the water.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Archie Starts Preschool This Year!


My original plan was to keep this sweet boy home until kindergarten but we recently decided it would be best for everyone if he goes. So I found a class last minute, close to home. School doesn't start until mid August but I thought I would get a few photos of him now, in our yard with some of his new "school clothes".

I'm a bit torn up about him leaving but I keep saying it will be good for him and my sanity and the two at home will have more of my attention. Three littles are hard work.

 Of course Caleb wanted some photos with his donut and the world. :)

 "Archie, go grab your favorite book." Of course it's a dinosaur one.

Lulu 4 Months

She is growing way too fast!!
She can tripod sit for a few seconds. She is my first baby to be skinny enough to fit in a bumbo and that's just barely. She rolls both ways and scoots (slowly) to where ever she wants to go. She found her toes! I've seen her take her pacifier (which is usually clipped to her) and put it in her mouth. She loves her rattle. She has the loveliest, big, expressive, dark, blue eyes. She is finally sleeping at night in her crib and took to it like a champ!! 

She has been saying this sound, "aahgeee"  for the last few months and we think it could either mean hungry or Archie. Archie is quite insistent on it meaning Archie and whenever he hears it, he rushes over saying something sweet like, "baby just want's me" and sings her a song.

Eeek! So cute!!!

Her brothers love her so!!!

Like most babies this age chewing on her hands is a must.

 Chewing on her dress is still a favored activity.

We a re a bit behind on her check ups so we don't have stats yet but I'll update this later.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Sibling Photos

Lulu needed her 4 month photos and it's been a while since I've attempted a siblings photo. I tried to keep it simple. These are the best ones. :/ I just took them in our front yard by the big oleander bush. We plan to move sometime in the next year so I feel like we are starting to say good by to our house and I'm suddenly wanting more pictures of us in and around it, even in it's cinder block and chain link glory.

So maybe this one ^ doesn't qualify as good but I want to remember how hard it is to get 3 young ones to be sitting and smiling all at the same time... and it's still adorable.

Lulu 3.9 Months

So I bought a ton of photo worthy outfits in varying sizes that somehow arrived in all the same small size... so I did my best to squeeze her into this and another outfit and attempt to capture a bit of Lulu's wide-eyed personality.

 Oh and she does pretty good sitting as long as she's holding something.

I really had to squeeze her in. :)