Monday, August 28, 2017

Farm and Ranch Museum

We hit up the Farm and Ranch Museum this weekend since Archie has been begging for a while to go and they had a train this past weekend! Which I only took cell phone photos of but there were other fun games and snow cones too. There was a cow milking and of course pony rides. This was Lulu's first pony ride.

I love that Caleb wanted the tiniest pony and was so confident that he waved to me! 
 This girl had the best smile on the entire time she rode. It was a dream come true for her!

 There was a calf in the horse barn and a horse. The kids love the animals there.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Lulu feeds the Sheep

We let the sheep out to pasture together tonight and brought them a little sweet feed for a treat. Lulu still loves her buckets and her sheep. 

 She enjoyed herself until she tried to take a ride and Whip Cream didn't like that too much.

After we had our fill of sheep chasing, I asked her if she wanted a photo by a tree or fence and she said, "no, here!" So I took one there and I love it. :) 

Unrelated, yesterday Jacob got skunked and came inside. We spent the day shampooing carpets and mopping and running the washing machine. I sure missed Sunday.

Lulu in the yard...

 Our volunteer sunflowers...

Family photos from May 2017

We took family photos with Brittany Miller Photography and here are a few faves...