Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I'm a horse.

This is a regular occurrence around here. Lot's of horse rides. To be fair thy all take turns being the horse.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Photo Update

We had a beautiful (not windy) spring day last week and I wasn't working and my neighbor's flowers were just too pretty so we went to take photos. I was happy that all of the kids wanted to come!

I really wanted a photo of us hugging so I brought my tripod and went back and forth a few times until I got one I liked.

I feel like photos of myself are hard but I am grateful to Archie for taking this and I am grateful to my body for being stronger than it was last year. Recent new PR on my deadlift is 138 pounds. Around this time last year I was basically in tears when I tried to learn the deadlift with 50lbs. 

 Lulu loves a new dress and is so excited about clothes that she often changes them 5x/day. She is such a ham. I have to take the most photos of her. 

Smelling the flowers

I have to remember all the outtakes. 

 The photos I am in Archie took, maybe I should have locked the focus for him...

 Caleb is such a darling boy, he lights up my life with his cuddles.

The boys!

I wanted to update the church website and chose these.

I taught a relief society enrichment class on photography last week and Archie wanted to come. I love that he shows interest in photography! He is such a great kid!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Soccer Spring 2018

I got to be a soccer mom these last couple of months for the first time. I came across a team needing players born in 2011 or 2012. Since I have a kid born in each year that meant both boys would get to play and I would only have one practice and one game. The boys both learned a lot and had fun. I'm especially proud of Archie always going after the ball and making his first goal (let me tell you, I would not have believed it when I saw their first practice). I'm so proud of Caleb playing with 7 year olds and kicking the ball several times a game and not giving up. 

I finally took my camera to the last game.

Archie going after the ball. Notice Caleb just in the frame.

He wanted to be #7 because he was turning 7 during the season.
I won't lie, Caleb often looked a little confused out there. 
Kathy and Adam brought their dogs to the last game. Thanks for cuddling Lulu!


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Farm Blessings

 Born 2.9.18
We have so many babies! :) 

 Born 2.10.18

The peas finally spouted this weekend!